CV Boots and Axel

The CV boot is a very important part of the CV axle. Proper maintenance and inspection can extend the life of the axle.

Any signs of leaking grease should be taken care of as soon as possible. One of the main causes of failure in CV boots is road grime collected from normal driving conditions. Road grime is abrasive and eats into the material of the CV boot, over time leaving your CV joints exposed to the elements.

Drive axles, or constant velocity joints are the main drive component on most vehicles today. The axle consists of CV joints covered by rubber boots that contain grease keeping the joints lubricated.

Your vehicles CV boots should be inspected regularly and if the boots crack or start to leak they should be replaced. If the CV joint becomes contaminated with road grimes or dirt, the axles (CV joint) may become damaged, increasing your expense and the possibility of a vehicle breakdown.


Excessive “thick” grease around wheel well area
Clicking and/or thumping noises while turning
Vibrations at certain speeds

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