Clutch Repair and Service

No clutch will last forever. The facings on the clutch disc wear as the miles accumulate. Stop-and-go city driving with lots of shifting is obviously harder on the clutch than open highway driving. Pulling a trailer, off-roading and aggressive driving can also accelerate clutch wear.

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The services provided will vary depending on the severity of the problem, but a typical clutch service may include:

  • Replacing the pressure plate
  • Replacing the clutch disk
  • Replacing the throwout bearing
  • Resurfacing or replacing the fly wheel
  • Replacing any worn out hydraulic parts


  • Clutch pedal releases higher than normal
  • Slipping and/or burning smell while accelerating from a stop
  • Grinding while trying to shift into different gears
  • A soft or “mushy” clutch pedal
  • Possible clutch hydraulic fluid loss

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Additional charges may apply based on vehicle and/or services required.

See store for more details.